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K-12 Online School Legacy in West Virginia

- Elementary, Middle, and High School in West Virginia
- Live teaching in small groups students
- US Certified Diploma upon graduation
- State-Accredited Curriculum
- Certified Teachers
- Personal Academic Support Specialist
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about our school
Accredited School K-12 in West Virginia
Legacy Online School K-12 in West Virginia provides а flexible and accessible learning environment featuring an accredited FLVS curriculum and WASC certification.
Certified Teachers
We ensure that all our instructors are certified teachers who adapt their materials to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students.
US Certified Diploma
Upon fulfilling standard graduation requirements, students will receive US Certified Diplomas.
Diverse Educational Programs
There are 2 types of learning styles including group and self-pace. School offers Academic, АР and Extracurricular courses.

Our programs

Elementary School K-12 in West Virginia (K-V)
Middle School K-12 in West Virginia (VI-VIII)
High School K-12 in West Virginia (IX-XII)
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Advanced Placement courses
Embarking on a path toward academic excellence often hinges on making informed and strategic choices. One such choice is enrolling in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which offer a remarkable opportunity for academic advancement. At Legacy Online School K-12 in West Virginia, we proudly provide an extensive selection of AP courses. These courses are designed to challenge students with a rigorous, university-level academic curriculum while they are still in the K-12 high school setting in West Virginia.

Advanced Placement courses are essentially university-level classes available to high school students. They are developed and administered by the College Board, which is also responsible for overseeing the SAT exams. This program is tailored to give students a taste of college-level studies, potentially earning them college credit and preparing them for future academic endeavors.
STEM-focused curriculum
The significance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in molding the future is paramount. At Legacy, we recognize this and have therefore developed a comprehensive STEM-focused curriculum that adheres to state-accreditation standards. This approach ensures that we provide your children with a learning experience that is not only exceptional but also primed for the future.

Our STEM curriculum is meticulously structured to captivate and stimulate students, transforming the learning process into an exciting and impactful journey. Through exploring scientific wonders and unraveling the intricacies of technology, our courses aim to transform classrooms into hubs of innovation and discovery.
Virtual Clubs and Extracurricular Activities
Legacy Online School K-12 in West Virginia is committed to offering an education that extends well beyond standard academic subjects. Understanding the importance of a holistic educational approach, we are thrilled to provide an array of Virtual Clubs and Organizations, available at no extra cost to all our enrolled students.

These Virtual Clubs and Organizations are designed as vibrant and engaging platforms where students can pursue new interests, hone their skills, and ignite their passions. Whether your child is drawn to science, has a penchant for art, shows a flair for writing, or demonstrates leadership potential, our wide range of extracurricular activities is crafted to support and nurture these talents, contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals.
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About Legacy Online School K-12 in West Virginia

Legacy Online School K-12 in West Virginia provides a flexible and accessible learning environment with accredited FLVS curriculum and WASC
Affordability and Unrivaled Support
We offer different payment options and schedules with valuable discounts
Diverse Educational Programs
There are 3 types of learning styles such as group and self-pace. School offers Academic, АР and Extracurricular courses
Career Preparedness, College Guidance
At Legacy, we prioritize preparing students for success in college and STEM-related careers Ьу collaborating with the College Board
US Certified Diploma
Upon fulfilling standard graduation requirements, students will receive US Certified Diplomas
Certified Teachers
We ensure that all our instructors are certified teachers who adapt their materials to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students
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School Accreditation at Legacy Online School K-12 in West Virginia

WASC Accreditation
Legacy Online School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), a distinction that underscores our commitment to high standards of excellence in education.
NCAA Accreditation
Our accreditation from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) signifies our commitment to preparing student-athletes for success both on and off the field. NCAA approval ensures that our courses meet the stringent learning standards required for student-athletes to be eligible to participate in public college sports activities at NCAA member colleges
State-Accredited Curriculum
At Legacy Online School K-12 in West Virginia, our curriculum is state-accredited, guaranteeing that it meets and often exceeds the standards set by educational authorities. This ensures our students receive a balanced, comprehensive education that prepares them for future academic success and lifelong learning.Our state-accredited curriculum offers a wide range of courses that engage students, promote critical thinking, and provide opportunities for real-world application of knowledge. Our students benefit from a well-rounded education that combines core academic subjects with various electives

Peter Crawford Valentino: The Visionary Behind Legacy Online School K-12 in West Virginia

Embrace the world of Peter Crawford Valentino, the visionary behind Legacy Online School, and be inspired by a legacy that intertwines art, passion, and education.
In the bustling heart of Florida, drawing from a rich lineage of five generations of educators and propelled by his extensive experience in teaching, Peter Crawford Valentino made a monumental decision: to found the K12 Legacy Online School. A beacon of education, this institution stands as a testament to Peter's commitment to knowledge and his belief in the transformative power of learning.
Peter is a man of many talents — an accomplished actor, writer, director, producer, musician, and, notably, a teacher. His vast and varied journey, which spans from the vibrant streets of LA to the iconic skyline of New York and the glittering lights of Las Vegas, is a story of creative search, passion, dedication, and unyielding commitment to the arts.

From his early days as a lead singer and guitarist, captivating audiences in local LA venues, to his concert tour for the U.S. military that took him across the Middle East and Europe, Peter's musical journey was a sight to behold, earning him a special feature on MTV. His love for melodies seamlessly integrates into his films, creating soundtracks that are both enchanting and unforgettable.

The allure of theater was another calling Peter could not resist. Diverse roles in stage plays, live improv comedy, television, and film only deepened his love for the performing arts. This love took him to New York City, where he honed his skills as an improv actor, and later to Las Vegas, where he established the Neon Venus Art Theatre, and subsequently its sister theater in the Hollywood district.

Noteworthy films and projects like "Bobby and Tiffany", "Davidson and Bradley", "Dead Dreamers", "Detective Charles Hanover", "The Falcon", "Ivan's Angels", and "Golden Blood", to name a few, grace his portfolio. Explore his detailed journey and list of achievements on IMDb, and for those looking to connect on a professional front, his LinkedIn profile awaits.

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Welcome to an in-depth exploration of West Virginia Virtual School, a premier institution that is redrawing the boundaries of K-12 education through its innovative online learning programs. As technology advances and educational needs evolve, West Virginia Virtual stands out as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a flexible, high-quality educational experience to students across the state. This article delves into the myriad aspects that contribute to the school’s success, from its enrollment process and personalized learning programs to the extensive support network it provides for students, teachers, and families. As we venture into this digital educational journey, let’s uncover what makes West Virginia Virtual a leader in the realm of K-12 online education.

Welcome to West Virginia Virtual School: Your Online Learning Journey Begins Here

What is West Virginia Virtual School and how does it work?

West Virginia Virtual School (WVVS) is an online educational institution specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of K-12 students across West Virginia. Leveraging the power of the internet and cutting-edge technological tools, WVVS offers a wide array of courses and programs that students can access from the comfort of their homes or any location with internet access. This online modality ensures that every child, irrespective of their geographical location or personal circumstances, has the opportunity to engage in high-quality learning experiences under the guidance of certified teachers.

Understanding the benefits of K-12 online education in West Virginia

Online education provides numerous advantages that cater to the modern student’s lifestyle and learning preferences. It offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing students to learn at their own pace and around their schedules, which is particularly beneficial for those involved in extracurricular activities or those with unique learning needs. Moreover, the personalized learning approach championed by WVVS ensures that the education each student receives is tailored to their individual academic levels and interests, promoting better engagement and understanding of the material.

How to enroll your student in an online program

Enrolling a student at West Virginia Virtual School is a straightforward process designed to ensure that families have all the information they need to make informed decisions. The school provides an extensive array of resources, from an easily navigable website that offers detailed descriptions of courses and programs to dedicated support staff who are just a call or click away. Parents interested in enrolling their children can start by visiting the school’s website, exploring the available educational options in their area, and filling out an online application form. Enrollment counselors are available to guide families through every step, ensuring that students are placed in programs that best suit their academic goals and needs.

Academic Features and Programs: Tailoring Education to Meet Student Needs

Exploring the academic excellence behind West Virginia Virtual’s success

The cornerstone of West Virginia Virtual School’s success is its steadfast commitment to academic excellence. Each course and program is meticulously crafted by experienced educators and subject matter experts to ensure that students are not just learning but thriving in their online learning environment. From elementary school all the way to high school, WVVS offers a comprehensive curriculum that meets and exceeds the West Virginia Department of Education’s academic standards, fostering an environment of excellence that prepares students for higher education and beyond.

K12-powered programs: Personalizing the online classroom experience

WVVS’s partnership with K12-powered programs is instrumental in creating a personalized online classroom experience that adapts to each student’s unique learning style. These K12-powered online platforms offer a range of interactive and engaging educational content, from real-time virtual classes to on-demand lessons, ensuring that students can learn and interact with their teachers and peers in a dynamic and supportive online environment. This focus on personalized learning helps students to not only meet but exceed their academic goals.

Specialized courses and services offered by West Virginia Virtual School

Alongside the core curriculum, West Virginia Virtual School provides an impressive array of specialized courses and services aimed at enriching the student’s learning journey. From advanced placement (AP) courses and college preparatory classes to technical and science programs, WVVS is dedicated to offering courses that cater to a wide range of interests and career aspirations. Furthermore, the school provides essential services such as counseling and extra-curricular activities, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education that extends beyond traditional academics.

Online Learning Support: Resources for Students, Teachers, and Parents

How West Virginia Virtual School supports its students academically and emotionally

West Virginia Virtual School goes above and beyond in providing comprehensive support to ensure its students’ academic and emotional well-being. Students have access to a wide range of resources, including dedicated academic advisors, tutoring services, and mental health support. These resources are designed to help students navigate the challenges of online learning, ensuring they remain engaged and motivated throughout their educational journey.

Resources available for teachers to advance in their online teaching methodologies

Teachers at WVVS are equipped with an extensive suite of tools and resources to advance their online teaching methodologies. The school invests in professional development programs and access to the latest educational technology, ensuring that educators are at the forefront of digital teaching practices. This not only enhances the quality of instruction but also ensures that teachers can foster a more engaging and interactive learning environment for their students.

What do parents need to know to support their child’s online learning journey?

Parental involvement is crucial to a student’s success in an online learning environment. West Virginia Virtual School provides parents with all the necessary tools and information to support their child’s learning journey. From comprehensive guides on navigating the online platform to tips on creating an effective learning space at home, WVVS ensures that parents are well-equipped to provide the guidance and support their children need. Additionally, the school fosters a strong partnership between parents and educators, facilitating open communication and collaboration to promote student success.

Preparing for the Future: Career and College Readiness at West Virginia Virtual

Integrating career and college prep into the K-12 online curriculum

Career and college readiness is a pivotal aspect of the curriculum at West Virginia Virtual School. The institution integrates career exploration and college preparatory courses throughout the K-12 curriculum, helping students to discover their interests and aspirations early on. This proactive approach ensures that students are not only academically prepared for higher education but are also equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their chosen careers.

Technical and science programs designed to advance students’ career prospects

Technical and science programs play a significant role in advancing students’ career prospects at WVVS. These programs, tailored to meet the demands of the modern workforce, provide students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge in fields such as coding, robotics, and environmental science. By exposing students to these areas of study, WVVS is preparing them for success in high-demand career paths.

The role of guidance counselors in helping students plan for their future

Guidance counselors at West Virginia Virtual School are an integral part of the student’s educational journey, providing invaluable support in planning for the future. Whether it’s exploring college options, applying for scholarships, or navigating career pathways, guidance counselors are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic and professional goals. Their expert advice and personalized support play a crucial role in empowering students to make informed decisions about their futures.

West Virginia Virtual School Community and Services: Beyond the Classroom

Building a supportive online community for K-12 students in West Virginia

West Virginia Virtual School is committed to building a supportive and engaging online community for its students. This community, nurtured through interactive classes, virtual clubs, and social events, provides students with a sense of belonging and an opportunity to connect with peers who share similar interests. By fostering a vibrant online community, WVVS ensures that students feel part of a dynamic and collaborative learning environment.

Meet the educators and service personnel dedicated to students’ success

The educators and service personnel at West Virginia Virtual School are deeply dedicated to the success of their students. These professionals, from teachers to support staff, are selected for their expertise, passion for education, and commitment to the well-being of students. They play a vital role in creating an encouraging and inclusive online learning environment, where every student is inspired to achieve their full potential.

County and state resources available to West Virginia Virtual School families

West Virginia Virtual School families have access to a wealth of county and state resources designed to support their educational experience. From the West Virginia Department of Education’s comprehensive guides to local county school systems’ support services, these resources provide families with the information and assistance they need to navigate the online educational landscape successfully. By leveraging these resources, WVVS ensures that its community is well-supported, both academically and personally, fostering a conducive environment for learning and growth.

Q: What is the primary objective of the West Virginia Virtual School?
A: The primary objective is dedicated to inspiring and empowering students across West Virginia, providing a comprehensive k12 education from kindergarten through high school, ensuring access to high-quality online learning experiences.
Q: Can students from all over WV join the West Virginia Virtual School?
A: Yes, students from any county school district in West Virginia can join the West Virginia Virtual School, offering a state-wide, k12-powered online education platform.
Q: What grades are catered to by the West Virginia Virtual School?
A: The school caters to all K-12 grades, providing a continuum of learning from kindergarten, through middle school and high school, up to earning a high school diploma.
Q: How does the West Virginia Virtual School align with the West Virginia Department of Education standards?
A: The curriculum and program of study at the school are closely aligned with the West Virginia Department of Education standards, ensuring that all school students receive an education that is both comprehensive and compliant with state requirements.
Q: Are there private academy options within the West Virginia Virtual School system?
A: While the West Virginia Virtual School is primarily a public education initiative, there are several k12-powered schools and academies within the state that may offer private or independent options in your area. For these, please contact the school directory or the West Virginia Department of Education for more information.
Q: How can technology advance a student’s education in the WV virtual school system?
A: Technology plays a central role in advancing education within the WV virtual school system by providing interactive and engaging platforms, access to a wealth of online resources, and the ability to connect with teachers and peers across the state, helping prepare students for a digital future.
Q: How accessible are the online resources and support for students and parents?
A: Online resources and support are highly accessible, with dedicated platforms for both students and parents. Technical support, academic counseling, and a multitude of resources are available via the school's web portal, ensuring that help is always at hand to guide and support the educational journey.
Q: What are the future prospects for students graduating from the WV Virtual School?
A: Graduates of the WV Virtual School are well-prepared for both higher education and employment, possessing not only a solid academic foundation but also technological literacy and self-motivation skills that are highly sought after in the modern world.
Q: How do I enroll my child in the West Virginia Virtual School?
A: To enroll your child, please contact the West Virginia Virtual School directly through their website. Detailed enrollment information, including documents required and enrollment deadlines, can be found in the school directory or by reaching out to the West Virginia Department of Education.

Legacy Online School: A Trusted Forbes Business Councils Member

Legacy Online School is a proud member of the Forbes Business Councils and is recognized as an expert and trusted institution. This endorsement signifies a level of trust and prestige earned through our commitment to excellence.

Introducing Your Personal Learning Support Specialist

Guidance and Assistance, Tailored Just for You
Your Personal Learning Support Specialist (LSS)  is more than just a support contact; they're your assistant and mentor, always ready to address any questions you might have during your learning journey. Here's how they support you
Communication in any convenient messenger
Instant Responses
Have a question about an assignment? Need clarification on a concept? Your specialist is just a message away, providing quick and comprehensive responses to keep you on track.
Personalized Guidance
Your learning journey is unique, and your specialist recognizes that. They'll tailor their guidance to your specific learning style, interests, and goals.
Connection with Parents
We believe that collaboration between students, parents, and educators is crucial. Your specialist ensures that parents are kept informed about your progress and can address any concerns they might have.

What students say

There is a place for everyone in our community, and we can’t wait for more students to join us
The beauty of our community lies in its strength and diversity. Each student, parent, and teacher contributes to the fabric of Legacy Online School, making it an enriching environment for learning, growth, and flexibility for students in grades K–12. Learn more from our students
Jade Anderson
Living in the country, far from a traditional school, Legacy was the cornerstone of my last three years of schooling. It provided me with world-class tutors who, fully invested in my success, motivated and pushed me to excel I’m thankful for the support of my parents, my teachers and this school mentors. Legacy was more than just an educational service, I found determined educators and tutors who I grew close to and who I could maintain strong bonds
The best upper school
student for 2023
Kate Smith
Teachers are super nice and always make sure we understand everything. I love how they use cool videos and interactive games to teach us new things.
Emma's Journey to Academic Excellence
Emma, a full-time student at K-12 Legacy Online School's virtual academy, has shown remarkable progress. Initially hesitant about homeschooling, she quickly adapted to the digital learning environment. With the school's robust web platform, she could easily view her courses and track her grades. Her ability to skip ahead in subjects she excelled in, like math and science, thanks to the school's flexible planning, allowed her to finish her coursework ahead of schedule. Emma's success story is a testament to the effectiveness of the virtual school model in catering to individual learning needs.
Liam's Path to Recovery and Achievement
After facing challenges in traditional brick-and-mortar schools, Liam found a supportive learning environment at K-12 Legacy Online School. The school's focus on individualized learning plans and its accessibility via various devices helped Liam stay engaged. He utilized the school's resources, including counseling and tutoring, to improve his academic performance. His remarkable turnaround is a shining example of how virtual schooling can provide a second chance for learners needing a different approach.
Ava's Asynchronous Learning Success
Ava, a student who required a flexible schedule due to her involvement in competitive sports, thrived at K-12 Legacy Online School. The asynchronous learning model allowed her to access content and complete assignments on her own time. Her ability to manage her education and athletic commitments simultaneously highlights the empowering nature of online education for students with unique needs.
Noah's Technological Empowerment
Noah, who had a keen interest in computer science, found his passion nurtured at K-12 Legacy Online School. The school's diverse course catalog, including advanced computer courses, provided him with the opportunity to explore his interests deeply. His story emphasizes the school's commitment to offering a range of pathways and empowering students through education.

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We captured many happy moments of our school's and students' life and left them on our Instagram account
Legacy Online School serves a diverse global community by providing a rich and rigorous educational experience with a number of friendly services, bright events and all-round support. By following the link and looking through these photos, you will see first-hand stories about the transformative impact of Legacy Online School on learning journey and personal growth of our students