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Legacy Online School Accepting Step Up Scholarships

- Accredited Elementary, Middle, and High School
- Live teaching in small groups
- Accredited Diploma upon graduation
- US Certified Curriculum
- Certified Teachers
- Personal Academic Support Specialist
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Meet Our Students and Teachers

Explore our diverse and talented students and teachers of Legacy Online School. Watch our videos on YouTube to learn more about our classes, teaching style, and the unique stories within our community.
Live-teaching with certified teachers
Live teaching sessions offer students to join scheduled virtual classes conducted by certified teachers in real-time. These sessions include lectures, interactive activities, and discussions.
Diverse Educational Programs
There are 4 types of learning styles such as individual, group, 1-1 and self-pace. Legacy Online School offers Academic, AP and Extracurricular courses and Virtual clubs.
STEM-Focused Curriculum
Early STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) exposure is essential for developing critical thinkers and future innovators. Therefore, our Curriculum has a strong STEM focus, preparing students for journey
Affordability and Unrivaled Support
We understand that providing top-tier education should not be limited by financial constraints. That's why we offer a range of flexible and affordable yearly and monthly plans designed to provide your child with unrivaled support in their online education journey.

School Accreditation at Legacy Online School

Take the first step towards providing your child with a world-class, accredited education
Along with our state-accredited curriculum, we ensure that your child’s education meets and surpasses the highest international standards
WASC Accreditation
Legacy Online School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), a distinction that underscores our commitment to high standards of excellence in education. WASC is a regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). This recognition affirms the quality and integrity of our programs, ensuring they meet rigorous academic standards.
NCAA Accreditation
Our accreditation from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) signifies our commitment to preparing student-athletes for success both on and off the field. NCAA approval ensures that our courses meet the stringent academic standards required for student-athletes to be eligible to participate in college sports at NCAA member colleges
State-Accredited Curriculum
At Legacy Online School, our curriculum is state-accredited, guaranteeing that it meets and often exceeds the standards set by educational authorities. This ensures our students receive a balanced, comprehensive education that prepares them for future academic success and lifelong learning.Our state-accredited curriculum offers a wide range of courses that engage students, promote critical thinking, and provide opportunities for real-world application of knowledge. Our students benefit from a well-rounded education that combines core academic subjects with various electives

Step Up For Students Scholarships in Florida: Empowering Students with Opportunities

We’re excited to announce that Legacy Online School now accepts Step Up Scholarships! As a leading private K-12 online school, we’re committed to providing quality education accessible to all. With our flexible and comprehensive curriculum, tailored to meet diverse student needs, families can confidently enroll using Step Up Scholarships. Join us at Legacy Online School and unlock endless opportunities for academic growth and success. Apply today!

What is the Step Up For Students scholarship program and How It Works?

At Legacy Online School, we advocate for the expansion of educational opportunities through School Choice scholarships, empowering families to select the schools or services that best suit their children’s needs. With recent updates to scholarship regulations under House Bill (HB) 1, students enrolled in courses through various educational platforms, including Legacy Online School, are now required to utilize scholarship funds directly for their courses.

Eligibility for these scholarships extends to every Florida resident enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12, regardless of household income. These funds can cover a range of expenses, including tuition and fees for eligible private schools, homeschooling, and courses offered by Legacy Online School. For comprehensive information on the available scholarship types, we recommend exploring resources provided by the Florida Department of Education K-12 Scholarship Programs or organizations such as Step Up for Students, which administers scholarship funds.

Now, let’s address some common queries:

  1. Source of Funding: The P.E.P. scholarship funds stem from private companies’ donations to SUFS, not from taxes or government coffers.
  2. Eligibility: Families with incomes below 400% of the poverty level qualify for the scholarship, with eligibility expanding in the coming years.
  3. Educational Plan: The plan involves answering basic online questions, offering flexibility, and recognizing the diverse approaches to education taken by homeschooling families.
  4. Standardized Testing: Parents can choose any standardized test, with the cost covered by the scholarship, and scores are used solely for program evaluation, ensuring student privacy.
  5. Opting Out: If the P.E.P. doesn’t align with your preferences, you can easily return to traditional homeschooling without repercussions.
  6. Capacity: A limited number of students are accepted each year, with future expansions planned to accommodate more families.
  7. Long-term Implications: There’s no indication of adverse consequences, and vigilant advocacy ensures our continued freedoms.
  8. Transitioning: Transition to the P.E.P. only occurs after approval and receipt of funds, ensuring a seamless process.

Ultimately, the decision lies with you. If you seek additional resources and opportunities for your child’s education, the P.E.P. presents a viable option. However, if you’re content with your current homeschooling journey, rest assured that it remains steadfast and supported.

At Legacy Online School, we advocate for informed choices, ensuring that every family’s educational journey aligns with their values and aspirations.

How does the scholarship empower students?

The Step Up For Students scholarship program in Florida is designed to provide educational opportunities for students who may not thrive in their current educational environment. By offering scholarships for private school tuition, the program empowers students to select a scholarship that suits their individual needs, whether it be for special needs, disabilities, or unique abilities. This personalization in education helps students excel in their academic journey and reach their full potential, creating a positive impact on their educational outcomes.

Who is eligible for the Step Up For Students scholarship?

Students in Florida whose household income does not exceed 400% of the poverty level. (Example: a family of four cannot have an annual income that exceeds $120,000.00) *This income level is set to increase each year until 2027 when income requirements will be dropped and ALL families are eligible.

Eligible students in Florida can apply for the Step Up For Students scholarship based on criteria set by the program. Students with disabilities, special needs, or those facing bullying issues in their current school are among the eligible candidates. Families looking to explore different educational options for their children are encouraged to participate in the scholarship program and benefit from the opportunities it provides.

How does the application process work for the scholarship?

To apply for the Step Up For Students scholarship, families need to apply during the specified period for the upcoming school year, such as the 2023-24 school year. After selecting a scholarship that aligns with the student’s needs, the application undergoes a review process to determine eligibility. Once approved, the scholarship funding organization disburses the award, allowing the student to attend a public school or participating private school of their choice.

How does the Family Empowerment Scholarship benefit families in Florida?

What are the educational options with the Family Empowerment Scholarship?

The Family Empowerment Scholarship in Florida provides families with the flexibility to choose educational options that best suit their children’s needs. Whether it’s using the scholarship for private school tuition, setting up a savings account for future educational expenses, or accessing transportation options for school commutes, the program gives families the freedom to make informed decisions about their children’s education.

How does the scholarship support students with unique abilities?

Students with unique abilities are supported through the Family Empowerment Scholarship by offering tailored educational resources to help them thrive. Whether it’s accessing specialized learning materials, receiving additional educational support, or enrolling in programs that cater to their specific talents, the scholarship program ensures that students with unique abilities have the necessary tools to succeed academically and personally.

Who are the providers for the Family Empowerment Scholarship?

Providers for the Family Empowerment Scholarship are educational institutions and organizations that meet the criteria set by the Florida Department of Education. These providers offer educational services that cater to students with diverse needs, ensuring that families have access to a wide range of options when utilizing the scholarship for their children’s education.

What role does the Florida Department of Education play in scholarships?

How does the Florida Department of Education oversee scholarship programs?

The Florida Department of Education plays a vital role in overseeing scholarship programs in the state to ensure compliance with educational standards and regulations. By setting criteria for schools to become eligible providers, monitoring scholarship fund allocation, and evaluating the impact of scholarships on student outcomes, the department aims to maintain the quality and integrity of educational opportunities offered through various scholarship programs.

What are the criteria for schools to become eligible providers?

Schools interested in becoming eligible providers for scholarships in Florida must meet certain criteria established by the Florida Department of Education. These criteria may include maintaining academic standards, offering diverse educational options, and demonstrating a commitment to supporting students with disabilities, special needs, or unique abilities. By meeting these criteria, schools can participate in scholarship programs and provide students with access to quality education.

How are donations utilized in funding scholarships in Florida?

Donations play a crucial role in funding scholarships in Florida, as they contribute to the financial resources used to support students in need. Through contributions from individuals, organizations, and businesses, scholarship funding organizations can award scholarships to help students access educational opportunities that may not have been possible otherwise. By utilizing donations effectively, scholarships continue to empower students and families across Florida.

How does the Step Up For Students scholarship program impact education choices in Florida?

What are the differences between private and public schools in relation to scholarships?

The Step Up For Students scholarship program offers students and families the choice between private and public schools when utilizing scholarships. While private schools provide a more personalized educational experience and specialized resources, public schools offer a diverse learning environment and opportunities for social integration. By giving families the option to select a scholarship that aligns with their preferences, the scholarship program enhances school choice and educational diversity in Florida.

How does the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship help in providing educational options?

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program plays a crucial role in providing educational options for students across the state. By offering scholarships to help students attend private schools, access special needs programs, or benefit from personalized educational resources, the program expands the choices available to families seeking alternative schooling options. Through the tax credit scholarship, students can access quality education that caters to their individual needs and learning styles.

What transportation options are available for students with scholarships?

Students with scholarships in Florida have access to transportation options to facilitate their school commutes. Whether it’s through school bus services, public transportation vouchers, or transportation stipends, the program ensures that students can travel to and from their chosen school efficiently and safely. By providing transportation support, the scholarship program helps students overcome barriers to accessing quality education and ensures equal opportunities for all scholarship recipients.

How does the Step Up For Students scholarship program address issues like bullying?

What measures are in place to address bullying in schools with scholarships?

The Step Up For Students scholarship program implements measures to address bullying issues in schools and create a safe learning environment for all students. By promoting anti-bullying policies, offering resources for students to report incidents, and providing counseling support for victims, the program aims to combat bullying effectively. Through partnerships with schools and community organizations, scholarships empower students to stand up against bullying and advocate for a positive school culture.

How do scholarships empower students to combat bullying?

Scholarships empower students to combat bullying by providing them with the necessary tools, support, and resources to address bullying situations effectively. By fostering self-confidence, resilience, and a sense of community, scholarships help students develop the skills needed to deal with bullying and seek assistance when faced with challenges. Through educational programs, awareness campaigns, and peer support networks, scholarships empower students to take a stand against bullying and promote a culture of respect and inclusivity.

What resources are provided to students and families dealing with bullying situations?

Students and families dealing with bullying situations receive support and resources from the Step Up For Students scholarship program to address the issue proactively. Counseling services, peer mentoring programs, and workshops on conflict resolution are among the resources provided to help students cope with bullying and navigate challenging social situations. By offering guidance, advocacy, and a safe space for students to voice their concerns, scholarships ensure that students and families receive the assistance they need to overcome bullying and thrive in their educational journey.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Step Up For Students Scholarships in Florida?
To be eligible for Step Up For Students Scholarships in Florida, students must meet certain criteria such as being from lower-income families, residing in the state of Florida, and meeting specific age requirements.
How can a student apply for the Step Up For Students Scholarships in Florida?
Students can apply for the Step Up For Students Scholarships in Florida by submitting an online application through the organization's official website. The application process typically opens annually and has specific deadline dates.
What types of scholarships are available through Step Up For Students?
Step Up For Students offers various scholarships including the Hope Scholarship, Reading Scholarship, Gardiner Scholarship, and the Florida Empowerment Scholarship (ESA). These scholarships cater to different educational needs and opportunities.
Can the scholarship be used for private school tuition and fees?
Yes, the Step Up For Students Scholarship can be used to cover private school tuition and fees, providing families with the opportunity to customize their child's education.
Who funds the scholarships offered by Step Up For Students?
The scholarships offered by Step Up For Students are funded by donations from various donors who support the organization's mission to provide high-quality education options to students in Florida.
Is Step Up For Students a nonprofit organization?
Yes, Step Up For Students is a nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering students and families by offering scholarships and educational resources.
Are there additional resources provided by Step Up For Students besides scholarships?
Yes, Step Up For Students provides resources such as tutoring services, personalized education plans, and information on enrollment options to help students succeed in their academic journey.

Our programs

Elementary School (K-V)
Middle School (VI-VIII)
High School (IX-XII)
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Advanced Placement courses
The journey to outstanding academic achievement begins with making the right choices, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are a fantastic way to start. At Legacy Online School, we offer a wide range of AP courses designed to provide your child with a rigorous, university-level academic experience while they are in high school.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are university-level courses offered to high school students. They are created and managed by the College Board, the same organization that oversees the SAT.
Honor/Credit Classes
Honor/Credit classes are high school courses that go beyond the standard curriculum, offering a more profound and more challenging study of the subject. These courses are designed for motivated students looking for more challenging coursework and provide an excellent foundation for college readiness.

We offer a broad range of Honor/Credit classes, allowing our students to delve deeper into their preferred subjects. The complete list of our offerings can be found in our course catalog.
Gifted and Talented Program
At Legacy Online School, every gifted child deserves the opportunity to shine and thrive. Our Gifted and Talented Program is specially designed to provide an exceptional educational experience that nurtures your child’s unique abilities, cultivates their talents, and propels them toward unparalleled success.

Give your child the tools and opportunities they need to excel. Enroll them in Legacy Online School’s Gifted and Talented Program and open the doors to endless possibilities.
Part-Time Courses
At Legacy Online School, we understand that every child has unique interests and aspirations. That’s why we offer a wide range of Part-Time Courses designed to supplement your child’s education, nurture their passions, and provide them with the skills they need to succeed.

Give your child the opportunity to pursue their interests, expand their horizons, and unlock their full potential. Enroll them in Legacy Online School’s Part-Time Courses today.
Summer School
At Legacy Online School, we believe summer is the perfect time for your child to embark on a journey of exploration and growth. Our Summer Courses offer various educational opportunities to keep their minds engaged, enhance their skills, and prepare them for future success.

Our summer school courses cater to students in grades K-8 who want to master core subjects like English and Math or broaden their horizons by learning a new language.
International School
At Legacy Online School, we believe that global education is essential for your child’s success in an interconnected world. Our International School Program offers a transformative learning experience that empowers students to embrace diversity, foster cultural understanding, and become global citizens.

Give your child the opportunity to embrace the world and become a global citizen. Enroll them in Legacy Online School’s International School Program today.
STEM-focused curriculum
The role of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in shaping the future cannot be overstated. At Legacy, we have crafted a robust STEM-oriented curriculum that aligns with state-accreditation standards, providing your children with an unmatched, future-ready learning experience.

Our STEM courses are designed to engage and challenge students, making the learning process exciting and effective. From delving into scientific phenomena to decoding the language of technology, our curriculum seeks to turn classrooms into incubators.
Virtual Clubs and Extracurricular Activities
At Legacy Online School, we believe that the path to a well-rounded education goes beyond the traditional curriculum. That’s why we proudly offer a diverse range of Virtual Clubs and Organizations, free for all current students.

Our Virtual Clubs and Organizations provide a stimulating platform for students to explore new interests, cultivate skills, and fuel their passions. Whether your child is an aspiring scientist, an enthusiastic artist, a budding author, or a future world leader, our extracurricular offerings create an environment that nurtures their abilities

Meet our teachers

Our classrooms are led by high grade staff who are passionate about educating the world leaders of tomorrow.
Legacy Online School K-12 Teachers: Meet Clara Momade!
Legacy Online School K-12 Teachers: Meet Emily Wisdom!
Legacy Online School K-12 Teachers: Meet Benazir Rasoli!
Legacy Online School K-12 Teachers: Meet Jaime Diaz!
Legacy Online School K-12 Teachers: Meet Joshua Adunola!
Legacy Online School K-12 Teachers: Meet Emmanuella Okonkwo!
Legacy Online School K-12 Teachers: Meet Sherry Simone!

Explore our recorded lessons to see our approach and teaching style

To help you get a feel for Legacy's classes at your own convenience, here are recorded lessons so you can take a look at what interests you and learn more about our curriculum and teaching style.
Elementary Online School K-12, 3rd Grade Lesson, Geometry | International Legacy Online School K-12
Elementary Online School K-12, 5th grade, English | International Legacy Online School K-12
High School Online K-12, 10th Grade, Math | International Legacy Online School K-12
Online School K-12: Book & Reading Club | Extracurricular activities | Legacy Online School K-12
High School Online K-12, 9th Grade, English | International Legacy Online School K-12

Introducing Your Personal Learning Support Specialist

Guidance and Assistance, Tailored Just for You
Your Personal Learning Support Specialist (LSS)  is more than just a support contact; they're your assistant and mentor, always ready to address any questions you might have during your learning journey. Here's how they support you
Communication in any convenient messenger
Instant Responses
Have a question about an assignment? Need clarification on a concept? Your specialist is just a message away, providing quick and comprehensive responses to keep you on track.
Personalized Guidance
Your learning journey is unique, and your specialist recognizes that. They'll tailor their guidance to your specific learning style, interests, and goals.
Connection with Parents
We believe that collaboration between students, parents, and educators is crucial. Your specialist ensures that parents are kept informed about your progress and can address any concerns they might have.

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Legacy Online School serves a diverse global community by providing a rich and rigorous educational experience with a number of friendly services, bright events and all-round support. By following the link and looking through these photos, you will see first-hand stories about the transformative impact of Legacy Online School on learning journey and personal growth of our students