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Accredited K-12 Online School Legacy in Arizona

- Elementary, Middle, and High School in Arizona
- Live teaching in small groups students
- US Certified Diploma upon graduation
- State-Accredited Curriculum
- Certified Teachers
- Personal Learning Academic Specialist
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about our school
Accredited School K-12 in Arizona
Legacy Online School K-12 in Arizona provides а flexible and accessible learning environment featuring an accredited FLVS curriculum and WASC certification.
Certified Teachers
We ensure that all our instructors are certified teachers who adapt their materials to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students.
US Certified Diploma
Upon fulfilling standard graduation requirements, students will receive US Certified Diplomas.
Diverse Educational Programs
There are 2 types of learning styles including group and self-pace. School offers Academic, АР and Extracurricular courses.

Meet Our Students and Teachers

Explore our diverse and talented students and teachers of Legacy Online School. Watch our videos on YouTube to learn more about our classes, teaching style, and the unique stories within our community.

Our programs

Elementary School K-12 in Arizona (K-V)
Middle School K-12 in Arizona (VI-VIII)
High School K-12 in Arizona (IX-XII)
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Advanced Placement courses
The journey to outstanding academic achievement begins with making the right choices, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are a fantastic way to start. At Legacy Online School K-12 in Arizona, we offer a wide range of AP courses designed to provide your child with a rigorous, university-level academic experience while they are in high school K-12 in Arizona.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are university-level courses offered to high school students. They are created and managed by the College Board, the same organization that oversees the SAT.
STEM-focused curriculum
The role of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in shaping the future cannot be overstated. At Legacy, we have crafted a robust STEM-oriented curriculum that aligns with state-accreditation standards, providing your children with an unmatched, future-ready learning experience.

Our STEM courses are designed to engage and challenge students, making the learning process exciting and effective. From delving into scientific phenomena to decoding the language of technology, our curriculum seeks to turn classrooms into incubators.
Virtual Clubs and Extracurricular Activities
At Legacy Online School K-12 in Arizona, we believe that the path to a well-rounded education goes beyond the traditional curriculum. That’s why we proudly offer a diverse range of Virtual Clubs and Organizations, free for all current students.

Our Virtual Clubs and Organizations provide a stimulating platform for students to explore new interests, cultivate skills, and fuel their passions. Whether your child is an aspiring scientist, an enthusiastic artist, a budding author, or a future world leader, our extracurricular offerings create an environment that nurtures their abilities
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About Legacy Online School K-12 in Arizona

Legacy Online School K-12 in Arizona provides a flexible and accessible learning environment with accredited FLVS curriculum and WASC
Affordability and Unrivaled Support
We offer different payment options and schedules with valuable discounts
Diverse Educational Programs
There are 3 types of learning styles such as group and self-pace. School offers Academic, АР and Extracurricular courses
Career Preparedness, College Guidance
At Legacy, we prioritize preparing students for success in college and STEM-related careers Ьу collaborating with the College Board
US Certified Diploma
Upon fulfilling standard graduation requirements, students will receive US Certified Diplomas
Certified Teachers
We ensure that all our instructors are certified teachers who adapt their materials to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students
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School Accreditation at Legacy Online School K-12 in Arizona

WASC Accreditation
Legacy Online School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), a distinction that underscores our commitment to high standards of excellence in education.
NCAA Accreditation
Our accreditation from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) signifies our commitment to preparing student-athletes for success both on and off the field. NCAA approval ensures that our courses meet the stringent learning standards required for student-athletes to be eligible to participate in public college sports activities at NCAA member colleges
State-Accredited Curriculum
At Legacy Online School K-12 in Arizona, our curriculum is state-accredited, guaranteeing that it meets and often exceeds the standards set by educational authorities. This ensures our students receive a balanced, comprehensive education that prepares them for future academic success and lifelong learning.Our state-accredited curriculum offers a wide range of courses that engage students, promote critical thinking, and provide opportunities for real-world application of knowledge. Our students benefit from a well-rounded education that combines core academic subjects with various electives

Peter Crawford Valentino: The Visionary Behind Legacy Online School K-12 in Arizona

Embrace the world of Peter Crawford Valentino, the visionary behind Legacy Online School, and be inspired by a legacy that intertwines art, passion, and education.
In the bustling heart of Florida, drawing from a rich lineage of five generations of educators and propelled by his extensive experience in teaching, Peter Crawford Valentino made a monumental decision: to found the K12 Legacy Online School. A beacon of education, this institution stands as a testament to Peter's commitment to knowledge and his belief in the transformative power of learning.
Peter is a man of many talents — an accomplished actor, writer, director, producer, musician, and, notably, a teacher. His vast and varied journey, which spans from the vibrant streets of LA to the iconic skyline of New York and the glittering lights of Las Vegas, is a story of creative search, passion, dedication, and unyielding commitment to the arts.

From his early days as a lead singer and guitarist, captivating audiences in local LA venues, to his concert tour for the U.S. military that took him across the Middle East and Europe, Peter's musical journey was a sight to behold, earning him a special feature on MTV. His love for melodies seamlessly integrates into his films, creating soundtracks that are both enchanting and unforgettable.

The allure of theater was another calling Peter could not resist. Diverse roles in stage plays, live improv comedy, television, and film only deepened his love for the performing arts. This love took him to New York City, where he honed his skills as an improv actor, and later to Las Vegas, where he established the Neon Venus Art Theatre, and subsequently its sister theater in the Hollywood district.

Noteworthy films and projects like "Bobby and Tiffany", "Davidson and Bradley", "Dead Dreamers", "Detective Charles Hanover", "The Falcon", "Ivan's Angels", and "Golden Blood", to name a few, grace his portfolio. Explore his detailed journey and list of achievements on IMDb, and for those looking to connect on a professional front, his LinkedIn profile awaits.

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Explore Arizona’s Top Rated Online School Options for K12 Education

When considering the landscape of K12 education within The Grand Canyon State, online schooling emerges as a modern, flexible, and individualized option for many families. Arizona’s online schools have been pioneering innovative approaches to virtual learning, consistently broadening the horizon for academic exploration and personalized education. This deep dive into Arizona’s premier online school options aims to unfold the layers of flexibility, academic excellence, enrollment procedures, and the personalized learning experiences available to students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Balancing technology with educational needs, Arizona’s online schools offer a rigorous curriculum akin to traditional settings amidst a flexible learning environment that supports every student’s unique learning path.

What Makes Arizona’s Online Schools a Top Choice for K12 Education?

How flexibility enhances the learning experience in virtual schools

In the realm of Arizona online schools, flexibility stands out as a cornerstone feature allowing students to navigate their educational journey with ease. Virtual schools in Arizona offer self-paced learning opportunities, making it possible for students to accelerate their studies or spend extra time on challenging concepts as needed. This customizable learning approach allows for a deeply personal educational experience, catering to individual student needs while promoting a balance between academics and personal life. Especially for students in grades 9-12, the flexibility to manage coursework alongside college prep activities or part-time jobs is invaluable.

Comparing academic excellence: Arizona online schools vs traditional settings

Academic excellence in Arizona’s online learning environment rivals that of traditional settings. Online schools offer a comprehensive curriculum, including a wide range of electives and Advanced Placement (AP) courses designed to prepare students for higher education and beyond. Rigorous assessment tools and high-quality instructional methods ensure that school students not only meet but often surpass the academic standards expected at their grade level. Moreover, Arizona online schools employ caring teachers who are adept at facilitating a high-quality learning success in a virtual setting, often leading to better engagement and improved educational outcomes.

The role of technology in delivering high-quality distance learning

Technology is the backbone of distance learning in Arizona, enabling students to attend an online academy, partake in online lessons, and interact with instructors from the comfort of their homes. Platforms like ASU Prep Digital and other Arizona virtual school options integrate cutting-edge technology to deliver a seamless and interactive learning experience. These tools not only support the instructional material but also foster a collaborative learning environment where students can engage in hands-on projects, group discussions, and real-time feedback sessions, all geared towards enhancing their educational journey.

How to Enroll in an Online School in Arizona for K12 Students

Step-by-step guide to enrollment in Arizona’s online schools

To enroll in an online school in Arizona, families must first explore the various options available, considering both charter and private schools in Arizona’s online education landscape. After selecting the school that works best for the student’s specific needs, the next steps involve completing an application form, submitting necessary documentation such as proof of residency for Arizona residents, previous school records, and immunization records. For high school students, this may also include transcripts indicating completed coursework. Open enrollment periods vary by school, so it’s crucial to adhere to deadlines to secure a spot.

Navigating eligibility and enrollment periods for Arizona virtual schools

Understanding eligibility criteria and enrollment periods is essential for a smooth transition to virtual schools. Arizona online schools typically cater to resident students from kindergarten through grade 12, including offering opportunities for accelerated learning or part-time enrollment for homeschooled students. Enrollment periods may differ across schools, with most having specific windows for submitting applications. Prospective families are encouraged to visit school websites or contact administrative offices directly to discuss enrollment periods, space availability, and any tuition costs associated with private online options.

Understanding the documentation and requirements for new students

For new students, the documentation process is a critical step toward starting their online educational journey. Beyond basic identification and residency documentation, Arizona online schools may require academic records to assess grade level placement and specialized learning needs. Additionally, documentation outlining any health concerns or learning disabilities ensures that students receive the necessary support and accommodations to succeed in a virtual environment. This meticulous documentation practice aids in crafting a personalized learning plan, aligning instructional strategies with each learner’s goals.

Finding the Right Arizona Online School: Charter vs Private

Key differences between charter schools and private schools in Arizona’s online education landscape

In Arizona, families can choose between charter and private online school options, each offering distinct advantages. Charter schools, such as Sequoia Choice, are publicly funded and provide free education to all Arizona students. They often feature innovative programs and personalized learning plans. On the other hand, K12-powered online private schools might offer more specialized curriculums or unique educational philosophies but typically require tuition. Deciding between these options involves considering the child’s learning style, the family’s financial situation, and the desired level of curriculum customization.

Benefits of enrolling in a K12-powered online private school

Enrolling in a K12-powered online private school presents numerous benefits, including access to a broad and rigorous curriculum that often surpasses state educational standards. These schools frequently offer unique courses and college prep options not available in public offerings, providing an edge for students aiming for higher education. Additionally, smaller class sizes and a strong sense of community can enhance the learning experience, allowing for more personalized instruction and better teacher-student relationships.

Exploring Sequoia Choice and other specialized online charter options

Sequoia Choice and similar online charter schools in Arizona represent opportunities for students seeking a more flexible and individualized education without the associated tuition costs of private schools. These schools offer various programs tailored to different learning styles and needs, from self-paced courses to more structured, teacher-led virtual classrooms. Charter schools typically emphasize innovation in their curriculum and teaching methods, making them a compelling choice for families looking for progressive educational models.

Personalized Education Plans: Individualizing Learning in Arizona’s Online Schools

How Arizona’s virtual schools individualize curriculum and instruction

The heart of Arizona’s online school offerings lies in their ability to individualize curriculum and instruction for each student. Utilizing a blend of assessments, learner profiles, and continuous feedback, virtual schools can tailor the educational content, pacing, and learning strategies to meet individual needs. This approach not only accommodates various learning styles but also empowers students to take charge of their education, aligning learning objectives with their personal goals and life skills.

The impact of personalized education plans on student engagement and success

Personalized education plans profoundly impact student engagement and overall success. By aligning academic content with students’ interests and learning preferences, Arizona online schools foster a sense of ownership and motivation towards learning. This bespoke approach ensures that students are not just passive recipients of information but active participants in their educational journey. Enhanced engagement leads to higher retention rates, better academic performance, and a more fulfilling school experience.

Utilizing learning coaches and academic counselors in an online setting

In Arizona’s virtual schools, learning coaches and academic counselors play pivotal roles in supporting students’ educational paths. These professionals work closely with students and families to navigate the online learning landscape, set realistic goals, and develop strategies for overcoming challenges. Learning coaches, often a parent or guardian, team up with academic counselors to monitor progress, facilitate communication between the student and teachers, and customize the learning experience. This collaboration is instrumental in creating a supportive learning environment that encourages academic and personal growth.

Transitioning from Traditional to Online: A Parent and Student Guide

What to expect when moving from a traditional school to an online environment

Transitioning from a traditional to an online learning environment can be a significant adjustment for students and families. Expectations include a shift towards self-directed learning, with more emphasis on time management and personal responsibility. The virtual format also means that students will engage more with technology, using various platforms for coursework, meetings, and assessments. While this transition offers greater flexibility and personalized learning opportunities, it demands a level of discipline and motivation that can be challenging for some students initially.

How to prepare your child for a successful transition to virtual learning

Preparing a child for a successful transition to virtual learning involves several key steps. First, establishing a consistent daily routine that balances schoolwork with breaks and recreational activities is crucial. Creating a dedicated workspace that is conducive to learning can also help students focus and take their online studies seriously. Additionally, cultivating strong communication with teachers and peers is essential to foster a sense of connection and community within the virtual school environment. Encouraging your child to be proactive in seeking help and using available resources, like their child’s learning coach or academic counselor, can further ensure a smooth transition.

Tips for parents to support their children’s education in an online school

Supporting a child’s education in an online setting demands active involvement and encouragement from parents. Tips include regularly checking in on your child’s progress, celebrating achievements, and helping them navigate challenges. Encouraging open communication about their learning experience allows for addressing any issues promptly. Identifying external learning opportunities, like local clubs or special projects that align with their interests, can enrich their educational experience. Lastly, fostering independence by gradually allowing them to manage their learning schedules and responsibilities prepares them for lifelong self-learning and adaptability.

Q: What are the benefits of online learning for K12 students in Arizona?
A: Online learning offers several benefits for K12 students in Arizona, including a flexible schedule that allows students to allocate time online and time to work on other activities or interests. It also provides individual attention from state-certified teachers, ensuring every student gets a high-quality education tailored to their needs. Furthermore, Arizona distance learning can cater to students regardless of their location in the state, from Mesa to Tucson.
Q: How do private schools in Arizona integrate online learning?
A: Many private schools in Arizona have adopted academy online platforms to enhance their educational offerings. These schools integrate online courses that are offered alongside traditional in-person classes, giving students a blend of both worlds. This approach allows for more personalized education, ensuring students find the right path to their bright future while staying true to their passion.
Q: Can middle school students in Arizona benefit from online academies?
A: Absolutely. Middle school students in Arizona can significantly benefit from enrolling in an online academy. These programs are specifically designed to offer a high-quality education with a flexible schedule, making it easier for young learners to manage their time efficiently between studies and personal interests. Moreover, online middle school programs provide a solid foundation for students, setting them on the right path towards earning their diploma.
Q: What is Arizona distance learning, and how does it compare to traditional public schools?
A: Arizona distance learning refers to the educational approach where students receive their lessons and complete their coursework via the internet, without needing to attend in-person classes. This method contrasts with traditional public schools which usually require physical attendance. Distance learning offers more flexibility, allowing students to pursue their education from any location, and often provides more personalized attention compared to the sometimes overcrowded traditional classrooms.
Q: How does ASU Prep Digital engage students in their passion through online learning?
A: ASU Prep Digital, an online academy in Arizona, excels in engaging students with their passion through High-quality education that's imbued with innovative teaching methods and a curriculum designed to encourage exploration and creativity. By offering a variety of courses, students have the freedom to explore diverse subjects and find areas that truly ignite their passion. Additionally, ASU Prep Digital focuses on preparing students for college and their future careers, ensuring that their education is not just about acquiring knowledge but about setting them on the right path to success.
Q: What makes an online academy the right path for Mesa students?
A: For students in Mesa, an online academy can be the right path due to the city's dynamic nature and diverse population, which may not always be fully served by traditional public schools. Online academies offer courses that are rich in content and provide flexible learning environments, making them ideal for students who seek a more tailored educational experience. With the support of state-certified teachers and access to high-quality courses, Mesa students can thrive and work towards a bright future in a way that aligns with their personal needs and schedules.
Q: Are there any online schools in Arizona that offer diplomas recognized by colleges?
A: Yes, there are online schools in Arizona that offer diplomas that are fully recognized by colleges and universities. These schools are accredited, ensuring that the education provided meets or exceeds the standards set by education authorities. Upon completion, students receive a diploma that holds the same value as one from a traditional public or private school, making them eligible for college admissions just like their in-person counterparts.
Q: How can parents find more information about enrolling their child in a top-rated online school in Arizona?
A: Parents seeking to enroll their child in a top-rated online school in Arizona should start by visiting the school's official website, where they can find detailed information about the curriculum, accreditation, and enrollment process. Additionally, contacting the school directly via their provided phone number can offer a more personalized insight into how the school operates and what parents and students can expect. Information sessions and open houses, often advertised on the school’s website, are also excellent opportunities for direct interaction with faculty and staff.

Legacy Online School: A Trusted Forbes Business Councils Member

Legacy Online School is a proud member of the Forbes Business Councils and is recognized as an expert and trusted institution. This endorsement signifies a level of trust and prestige earned through our commitment to excellence.

Introducing Your Personal Learning Support Specialist

Guidance and Assistance, Tailored Just for You
Your Personal Learning Support Specialist (LSS)  is more than just a support contact; they're your assistant and mentor, always ready to address any questions you might have during your learning journey. Here's how they support you
Communication in any convenient messenger
Instant Responses
Have a question about an assignment? Need clarification on a concept? Your specialist is just a message away, providing quick and comprehensive responses to keep you on track.
Personalized Guidance
Your learning journey is unique, and your specialist recognizes that. They'll tailor their guidance to your specific learning style, interests, and goals.
Connection with Parents
We believe that collaboration between students, parents, and educators is crucial. Your specialist ensures that parents are kept informed about your progress and can address any concerns they might have.

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Legacy Online School serves a diverse global community by providing a rich and rigorous educational experience with a number of friendly services, bright events and all-round support. By following the link and looking through these photos, you will see first-hand stories about the transformative impact of Legacy Online School on learning journey and personal growth of our students