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South Carolina Homeschooling: K12 Homeschool Legacy

- Elementary, Middle, and High Homeschool in South Carolina
- Live teaching in small groups
- Online Diploma upon graduation
- Online Curriculum
- Certified Teachers
- Personal Learning Support Specialist (LSS)
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about our school
Homeschool in South Carolina
Legacy Online Homeschool in South Carolina provides а flexible and accessible learning environment featuring an online FLVS curriculum. Disclamer - undergoing the online process.
Certified Teachers
We ensure that all our instructors are certified teachers who adapt their materials to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students.
Online Diploma
Upon fulfilling standard graduation requirements, students will receive Online Diplomas.
Diverse Educational Programs
There are 2 types of learning styles such as group and self-pace. School offers Academic, АР and Extracurricular courses.

Our programs

Elementary School (K-V)
Middle School (VI-VIII)
High School (IX-XII)
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Advanced Placement courses
The path to exceptional academic success starts with selecting the best options, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses stand out as an excellent choice. Legacy Online Homeschool in South Carolina proudly offers an extensive selection of AP courses aimed at equipping your child with a challenging, college-level academic experience during their high school years.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are collegiate-level classes available to high school students, designed and administered by the College Board, the same entity responsible for managing the SAT.
STEM-focused curriculum
The significance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in forging the future is immense. At Legacy, we've developed a comprehensive STEM-focused curriculum that meets state-online standards, offering your children a premier, forward-thinking educational journey.

Our STEM courses aim to captivate and stimulate students, transforming the learning experience into something both thrilling and productive. By exploring scientific wonders and unraveling the intricacies of technology, our curriculum is designed to convert classrooms into hubs of innovation.
Virtual Clubs and Extracurricular Activities
At Legacy Online Homeschool in South Carolina, we hold the conviction that a comprehensive education extends past conventional academic subjects. Consequently, we are delighted to provide a wide array of Virtual Clubs and Organizations, available at no additional cost to all enrolled students.

Our Virtual Clubs and Organizations offer an exciting environment for students to discover new hobbies, develop abilities, and pursue their passions. Whether your child dreams of becoming a scientist, thrives as an artist, is on their way to becoming an author, or aims to lead in the global arena, our extracurricular activities provide a nurturing space to enhance their talents.
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Award-winning Homeschool STEM Curriculum

Legacy Online Homeschool has been recognized as the winner in the "The Best Homeschool Curriculum, Products & Resources!" category, affirming its status as a frontrunner in education. This accolade reflects the school's steadfast dedication to quality, innovation, and the achievement of its students.

About Legacy Online School in South Carolina

Legacy Online School provides a flexible and accessible learning environment with online FLVS curriculum
Affordability and Unrivaled Support
We offer different payment options and schedules with valuable discounts
Diverse Educational Programs
There are 3 types of learning styles such as group and self-pace. School offers Academic, АР and Extracurricular courses
Career Preparedness, College Guidance
At Legacy, we prioritize preparing students for success in college and STEM-related careers Ьу collaborating with the College Board
Online Diploma
Upon fulfilling standard graduation requirements, students will receive Online Diplomas
Certified Teachers
We ensure that all our instructors are certified teachers who adapt their materials to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students
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Homeschooling in South Carolina: Best homeschool in South Carolina

When it comes to providing your child with a personalized and flexible education, homeschooling in South Carolina offers a wealth of opportunities for many families seeking alternative schooling options. Families in South Carolina have embraced the homeschooling option for various reasons, including the desire for tailored instruction and the ability to create a supportive community for their children’s education.

What are the key requirements for homeschooling in South Carolina?

Understanding the state’s homeschool laws

Before embarking on your homeschooling journey in South Carolina, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the state’s homeschool laws. The legal requirements dictate various aspects of homeschooling, including enrollment procedures, curriculum standards, and accountability measures, especially under option 3 guidelines in South Carolina.

Enrollment process for homeschooling

The enrollment process for homeschooling in South Carolina involves submitting a letter of intent to homeschool your child to the appropriate authorities. This step is crucial in establishing your homeschooling status and informing the state of South Carolina of your educational choices for your child.

Curriculum requirements in South Carolina

South Carolina homeschoolers are required to follow a structured curriculum that meets the state’s educational standards, adhering to the homeschool requirements set by the state of South Carolina. Homeschoolers can choose from a wide range of curriculum options tailored to their child’s learning style and educational needs.

How can you start homeschooling in South Carolina?

Exploring homeschooling options

Before starting your homeschooling journey in South Carolina, it is important to explore the various homeschooling options available to you. These options may include traditional homeschooling, online learning programs, or a hybrid approach that combines both.

Joining a homeschool group in South Carolina

Joining a homeschool group in South Carolina can provide valuable support and resources for homeschooling families. These groups offer opportunities for networking, sharing experiences, and participating in group activities and events.

Setting up a homeschool curriculum

Setting up a homeschool curriculum tailored to your child’s needs is a crucial step in ensuring a successful homeschooling experience, particularly through the support of South Carolina homeschool groups. By selecting appropriate courses and subjects, you can create a well-rounded education for your child, often supplementing with materials from South Carolina homeschool groups.

What are the benefits of homeschooling in South Carolina?

Flexibility in education

One of the key benefits of homeschooling in South Carolina is the flexibility it offers in terms of scheduling and instruction. Homeschoolers have the freedom to customize their child’s education to suit their learning pace and preferences, a cornerstone of the South Carolina homeschooling philosophy.

Opportunities for field trips

Homeschooling in South Carolina allows for unique opportunities for field trips and hands-on learning experiences, supplementing traditional education methods. Families can explore the rich history and natural beauty of the state through educational outings and excursions.

Creating a supportive homeschool community

By participating in homeschool groups and co-ops, families in South Carolina can create a supportive community for their homeschooling journey. These communities, often established as South Carolina homeschool groups, offer encouragement, resources, and social connections for both parents and students.

How does accountability work for homeschoolers in South Carolina?

State requirements for standardized testing

Homeschoolers in South Carolina are required to meet certain accountability measures, including standardized testing to assess academic progress. Compliance with these state requirements helps ensure that homeschoolers receive a quality education.

Options for homeschool accountability associations

Homeschool accountability associations in South Carolina, often referred to as option 3 groups, provide support and oversight for homeschooling families. These associations, key components of the South Carolina homeschooling structure, help families navigate legal requirements, offer guidance on curriculum choices, and facilitate networking opportunities.

Graduation and diploma options for homeschoolers

Upon completing their homeschool education, students in South Carolina have various options for graduation and receiving a diploma, all within the standards of South Carolina homeschooling. Homeschoolers can choose from different pathways to mark their educational achievements and transition to their chosen career or further studies.

What resources are available for homeschooled families in South Carolina?

Support from the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS)

The South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) offers valuable resources and support for homeschooling families in the state. From legal advice to curriculum guidance, SCAIHS serves as a hub for homeschoolers seeking assistance.

Utilizing curriculum options tailored for South Carolina homeschoolers

Curriculum providers offer a wide range of options tailored specifically for homeschoolers in South Carolina. These resources can help parents select courses and materials that align with the state’s educational standards and their child’s academic goals, supplementing their education richly.

Engaging in homeschool co-ops and statewide events

Homeschool co-ops and statewide events provide opportunities for homeschooling families to connect with others, participate in group activities, and access additional educational resources. These collaborative efforts enhance the homeschooling experience and foster a sense of community among homeschoolers in South Carolina.

Peter Crawford Valentino: The Visionary Behind Legacy Online Homeschool

Embrace the world of Peter Crawford Valentino, the visionary behind Legacy Online School, and be inspired by a legacy that intertwines art, passion, and education.
Nestled in the vibrant core of Florida and rooted in a heritage spanning five generations of educators, Peter Crawford Valentino, fueled by his vast teaching experience, took a pivotal step: he established K12 Legacy Online Homeschool. This institution shines as a beacon of education, embodying Peter's dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and his conviction in learning's transformative impact.
Peter is a polymath, distinguished not only as a teacher but also as an actor, writer, director, producer, and musician. His dynamic and diverse career journey stretches from the lively avenues of Los Angeles to New York's famed skyline and the dazzling allure of Las Vegas. His path reflects a deep-seated passion, unwavering dedication, and steadfast commitment to the arts.

Starting as a lead singer and guitarist, Peter enchanted crowds in Los Angeles's local music scenes before embarking on a concert tour for the U.S. military, spanning the Middle East and Europe. This musical odyssey garnered him a special feature on MTV. His passion for music beautifully melds into his filmmaking, producing soundtracks that are as captivating as they are memorable.

The allure of theater was another calling Peter could not resist. Diverse roles in stage plays, live improv comedy, television, and film only deepened his love for the performing arts. This love took him to New York City, where he honed his skills as an improv actor, and later to Las Vegas, where he established the Neon Venus Art Theatre, and subsequently its sister theater in Hollywood.

Noteworthy films and projects like "Bobby and Tiffany", "Davidson and Bradley", "Dead Dreamers", "Detective Charles Hanover", "The Falcon", "Ivan's Angels", and "Golden Blood", to name a few, grace his portfolio. His detailed journey and achievements can be explored on IMDb, and for those looking to connect on a professional front, his LinkedIn profile awaits.

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Q: What are the homeschooling options available in South Carolina?
A: In South Carolina, families have the option to homeschool their children through various methods, including joining homeschool groups, enrolling in online homeschooling programs like K12, or following a self-designed curriculum.
Q: How can I find homeschool groups in South Carolina?
A: You can find homeschool groups in South Carolina by reaching out to South Carolina Homeschooler (SCHEA), joining local support groups, or subscribing to newsletters that cater to homeschooling families in the state.
Q: What are the homeschooling requirements in South Carolina?
A: Homeschooling parents in South Carolina must comply with state regulations, which include submitting a letter of intent to homeschool, maintaining records of attendance and academic progress, and participating in required assessments.
Q: How do I enroll my child in homeschooling in South Carolina?
A: To homeschool your child in South Carolina, you need to submit a letter of intent to the Department of Education, choose an accountability option such as joining an accountability group or enrolling in an accountability association, and set up a curriculum for your child.
Q: Is it legal to homeschool in South Carolina?
A: Yes, homeschooling is legal in South Carolina. However, it is important to understand and comply with the state's homeschooling laws and regulations to avoid any legal issues.
Q: What support and resources are available for homeschooling families in South Carolina?
A: South Carolina offers various support systems for homeschooling families, including homeschool groups, newsletters, educational resources, and accountability services to ensure that families have the necessary tools to provide a quality education for their children.
Q: How can homeschooling make a difference in my child's learning experience?
A: Homeschooling can provide a personalized learning environment tailored to your child's needs and interests, allowing them to thrive academically and emotionally while receiving individualized attention and support from the educator.

Legacy Online School: A Trusted Forbes Business Councils Member

Legacy Online School is a proud member of the Forbes Business Councils and is recognized as an expert and trusted institution. This endorsement signifies a level of trust and prestige earned through our commitment to excellence.

Introducing Your Personal Learning Support Specialist

Guidance and Assistance, Tailored Just for You
Your Personal Learning Support Specialist (LSS)  is more than just a support contact; they're your assistant and mentor, always ready to address any questions you might have during your learning journey. Here's how they support you
Communication in any convenient messenger
Instant Responses
Have a question about an assignment? Need clarification on a concept? Your specialist is just a message away, providing quick and comprehensive responses to keep you on track.
Personalized Guidance
Your learning journey is unique, and your specialist recognizes that. They'll tailor their guidance to your specific learning style, interests, and goals.
Connection with Parents
We believe that collaboration between students, parents, and educators is crucial. Your specialist ensures that parents are kept informed about your progress and can address any concerns they might have.

What students say

There is a place for everyone in our community, and we can’t wait for more students to join us
The beauty of our community lies in its strength and diversity. Each student, parent, and teacher contributes to the fabric of Legacy Online School, making it an enriching environment for learning, growth, and flexibility for students in grades K–12. Learn more from our students
Jade Anderson
Living in the country, far from a traditional school, Legacy was the cornerstone of my last three years of schooling. It provided me with world-class tutors who, fully invested in my success, motivated and pushed me to excel I’m thankful for the support of my parents, my teachers and this school mentors. Legacy was more than just an educational service, I found determined educators and tutors who I grew close to and who I could maintain strong bonds
The best upper school
student for 2023
Kate Smith
Teachers are super nice and always make sure we understand everything. I love how they use cool videos and interactive games to teach us new things.
Emma's Journey to Academic Excellence
Emma, a full-time student at K-12 Legacy Online School's virtual academy, has shown remarkable progress. Initially hesitant about homeschooling, she quickly adapted to the digital learning environment. With the school's robust web platform, she could easily view her courses and track her grades. Her ability to skip ahead in subjects she excelled in, like math and science, thanks to the school's flexible planning, allowed her to finish her coursework ahead of schedule. Emma's success story is a testament to the effectiveness of the virtual school model in catering to individual learning needs.
Liam's Path to Recovery and Achievement
After facing challenges in traditional brick-and-mortar schools, Liam found a supportive learning environment at K-12 Legacy Online School. The school's focus on individualized learning plans and its accessibility via various devices helped Liam stay engaged. He utilized the school's resources, including counseling and tutoring, to improve his academic performance. His remarkable turnaround is a shining example of how virtual schooling can provide a second chance for learners needing a different approach.
Ava's Asynchronous Learning Success
Ava, a student who required a flexible schedule due to her involvement in competitive sports, thrived at K-12 Legacy Online School. The asynchronous learning model allowed her to access content and complete assignments on her own time. Her ability to manage her education and athletic commitments simultaneously highlights the empowering nature of online education for students with unique needs.
Noah's Technological Empowerment
Noah, who had a keen interest in computer science, found his passion nurtured at K-12 Legacy Online School. The school's diverse course catalog, including advanced computer courses, provided him with the opportunity to explore his interests deeply. His story emphasizes the school's commitment to offering a range of pathways and empowering students through education.

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We captured many happy moments of our school's and students' life and left them on our Instagram account
Legacy Online School serves a diverse global community by providing a rich and rigorous educational experience with a number of friendly services, bright events and all-round support. By following the link and looking through these photos, you will see first-hand stories about the transformative impact of Legacy Online School on learning journey and personal growth of our students